Ridge Interiors Logo

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Ridge Interiors are well established as specialist contractors to the interior fit-out sector.  To modernise Ridge Interior’s company branding, their new logo needed to be professional, minimilistic, clear and simple with nothing too detailed or intricate.  Successful logos should work in both small and large sizes.  Anything too complicated will be lost when reduced in size.  I like to keep logos simple and distinctive so they become familiar and have a long successful life, just like the company it represents.  As with all logos it is very important that when designing a logo, it must work across all stationery, brochures, presentations, and website.

For me, when designing their final logo, the square represents a room or office space.  I like this font because parts of each letter remind me of partitions used to divide up space.  For example ‘R’ could be split into 3 sections.  The curves and incomplete arms in the letters ‘R’, ‘G’ and ‘E’ give this font a modern look to it.  I like how the other letters have not been manipulated because it doesn’t over complicate this typeface and is balanced out well.

The following concepts were proposed, with number 12 being the successful design.