Elite Soccer Academy Logo

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Elite Soccer Academy are a new school offering soccer training to boys and girls from age 5 to 14.  They coach young footballers to become better all-round players, not just on an individual skill level, but also with respect to how they interact with others.

Being a new company Elite Soccer Academy had no branding guidelines.  After some important discussions, it was agreed the logo needed to be simple, clear, distinctive, and professional whilst appealing to children and adults alike.  An illustrative logo may appeal to children but parents may not take the company seriously.  If too professional and serious the parents may like it, but the children may think it looks boring and uninspiring.  To find a balance I tried to find a modern typeface which looked more professional than hand written to appeal to parents.  ‘Elite’ in italics has a sense of speed to the word.  To attract the girls and boys I wanted to use a symbol or footballer.  I developed the style of the person from stick or line people to full detailed outline before coming up with the final person.  After playing around with different elements I came up with the star, curve (football) and person concept.  To bring the font and graphic elements together I turned the dot in the letter i into a football and had the person running along the top of the letters about to kick it.

This logo works either black on white or reversed.


This logo works also without the company name.  As the company develops and becomes well known, their logo can be used either in its full, as above, or a smaller version, as below.